Arabica Bourbon coffee, from the island of Reunion, which is still one of the favorite plants at Mount Kilimanjaro, was introduced to the region by missionaries around 1890. The excellent geographical and climatic conditions of this area have made Kilimanjaro coffee a synonym for world class quality coffee.

Originally cultivated only on plantations, the coffee was soon adopted by the business-minded tribe of the Chagas and is still a main component of the "shamba" (cultivated garden) of every small holder farmer in the region.

Kilimanjaro Plantation has been growing and producing coffee since 1955 on the southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

We were one of the first single-origin large scale coffee producers in Tanzania. Since then we have dedicated our lives to cultivating and producing the best high-quality Arabica in the country.

For decades we have continuously produced and provided single-origin excellent high quality coffee to clients across the world.