Social responsibility

We work with the communities around us to improve their education, health and environmental conditions

we care about our community

As one of the largest employers in the region, Kilimanjaro Plantation offers hundreds of jobs and enables a regular income in a rural region where stable work is difficult to find. We also pay annual lease for the land of our plantation to the community, 10% of which is dedicated to CSR projects that help maintain and expand the social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, water supply etc.).

We care about our staff, our community and our environment and are taking the necessary efforts in order to create the best possible developmental impact within our region of operation. KPL is proud to share with you our efforts and impact for sustainable development.

Every year KPL gives away thousands of high quality coffee seedlings to small holder farmers in our surrounding communities.

We help multiple surrounding villages with road repairs by providing culverts, steel pipes, moram, and trucks.

KPL supplies donations and assists with projects to schools within our communities, such as building school desks, repairing damaged toilet blocks, and gifting school supplies to communities in need.

To learn about our Corporate Social Responsibility projects download our latest CSR reports

"Here at Kilimanjaro Plantation we value the local community and strive to impact their lives in key areas of education, water, and healthcare through our strategic social responsibility programs"

Christopher Mollel - Community Relations Officer