environmental responsibility

at KPL we take great care to ensure that the environment is preserved for future generations

As one of the largest coffee plantations in Tanzania, we are aware of our environmental responsibilities. We are proud to be UTZ, C.A.F.E. Practices and Rainforest Alliance certified and continuously make efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. 20% of our rented land is set aside as a natural forest reserve.

Our plantation has a total area of 663 ha. making us one the largest plantations in Northern Tanzania. We have planted and grown over 1 million coffee trees on 565ha. of our plantation, and have preserved the remaining land as natural forest.

We have planted more than 10,000 indigenous shade trees such as Cordia Africana (Mringamringa), Albizia Schimperiana (Mruka), and Croton Silvacus (Mfuru) across the plantation and in the community in order to help stabilize the microclimate and fight against deforestation in the region. These shade trees are also instrumental in cultivating coffee as they protect the soil and plants from the impact of the torrid East African sun.

The entire farm is equipped with a drip-line irrigation system, which provides constant water and nutrient uptake for every single coffee tree throughout the year. This ensures the fruits can develop and ripen without disturbance. Our drip-line irrigation reduces our water consumption by 60%.

We have planted vertiver grass across the plantation to prevent erosion and practice responsible water management. This ensures there is plenty of water retention for field operations, especially during dry periods.

The water used during our wet process is recycled and cleaned in our water treatment plant in order to reduce the amount of unusable water run-off.

We conduct constant trials to maximize our natural impact on the farm such as natural pest controls and vermicomposting.

We care about our staff, our community and our environment and are taking the necessary efforts in order to create the best possible developmental impact within our region of operation. KPL is proud to share with you our efforts and impact for sustainable development.